Catàleg de serveis i tecnologies de la UIB Tag: Chronic diseases

The Universitat de les Illes Balears offers companies and institutions in its environment a series of specialized technologies and services aimed at solving R+D+I problems and needs, which have been generated from the knowledge and experience acquired in the research activity. These are services related to engineering, specialized consulting and technical assistance, as well as patents and other specific developments with practical application in the productive sector.

  • Study of kidney stones

    Reporting on kidney stones, which include morpho-compositional studies, on possible causes that have led to the formation of calculus and generic clinical and therapeutic orientation.

  • Brain aging studies in animal models of experimentation

    Performance of behavioral and neurochemical studies for the detection of cognitive deterioration in experimental animals, and analysis of the effect of strategies aimed at reducing it, such as environmental enrichment, physical exercise and the administration of antioxidants, among others.

  • Support and advice to children, young people and families with chronic diseases

    Service aimed at improving the quality of life of children, youth and families suffering from a chronic and / or minority disease

  • Carrying out of cell studies

    Cell analysis is the starting point for numerous studies that allow scientists to understand, predict, identify, and locate various basic physical and biochemical processes in life.