Support and advice to children, young people and families with chronic diseases

Service aimed at improving the quality of life of children, youth and families suffering from a chronic and / or minority disease

Advances in medicine have managed to chronicle many diseases and offer unthinkable expectations years ago. Children and young people suffering from chronic and / or rare diseases not only have to face all the medical procedures, but also the impact this disease entails in their personal, school, social and family context.

For reasons of health this population is in a situation of vulnerability, and to ensure its integral development is necessary intervention. The interventions carried out allow to diagnose the situation and implement research processes to minimize the consequences of the disease. In this context, hospital pedagogy plays an essential role in helping to improve the quality of life of people affected by a disease, as well as families.

The University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) has a research group that provides support to educational and health centres to improve the care of children and young people affected by disease. At the same time, and in collaboration with the INeDITHOS association, it offers:

  • Psycho-pedagogical support to children and young people who are long-term or permanently resident in hospitals.
  • Psycho-pedagogical support to children and young people with a rare disease through home support.
  • Give psycho-pedagogical attention to the families of children and young people who have serious illnesses.
  • Investigate to improve their quality of life.
  • Investigate for educational inclusion.


INeDITHOS (Intervention and Research for Educational and Technological Inclusion in the Hospital Centre) is a project that was launched in 2003 aimed at children and young people residing at the Chronic Unit of the Pediatric Hospital Service of Son Espases. Its objective is to improve their quality of life in all areas and their social and educational inclusion.

This project has the collaboration of a network of more than forty volunteers involved, mostly UIB students, who have made it possible to carry out school and leisure support activities.

The project combines volunteer contributions with the learning-service methodology, with the aim of bringing the University closer to social reality and promoting the transfer of knowledge.

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