Catàleg de serveis i tecnologies de la UIB Tag: Cosmètics

The Universitat de les Illes Balears offers companies and institutions in its environment a series of specialized technologies and services aimed at solving R+D+I problems and needs, which have been generated from the knowledge and experience acquired in the research activity. These are services related to engineering, specialized consulting and technical assistance, as well as patents and other specific developments with practical application in the productive sector.

  • Molecular design, synthesis and structural characterization of organic compounds

    Design, synthesis and characterization of new organic products for pharmacological and industrial purposes. 

  • Automation of analytical protocols

    Laboratories automation through implementing new technologies and software for the analysis and / or quality control of drugs, food, environmental and biological samples.

  • Studies of efficacy and toxicity of drugs

    Realization of in vitro and in vivo studies to determine the toxicity and efficacy of drugs, cosmetics and / or nutrition products.


  • Rational drug design

    Characterization and design of therapeutic molecules from the biological study of a specific disease.


  • Biocompatibility tests

    Biocompatibility refers to the ability of a biomaterial to perform the desired function according to a medical treatment, without causing any undesirable effect, but at the same time generating the best cell or tissue response in that particular situation.

  • Development of oral bioaccessibility tests

    Development of automated systems for the detection and evaluation of the bioaccessible fraction of heavy metals and organic contaminants in solid environmental samples and food commodities with application in the analysis of human exposure risks.