Carrying out of cell studies

Cell analysis is the starting point for numerous studies that allow scientists to understand, predict, identify, and locate various basic physical and biochemical processes in life.

The UIB has a Coelomics Unit specialized in cell analysis techniques that has the necessary equipment to carry out these procedures.

The service includes:

  • Flow cytometry service: Techniques to obtain the number of cells in a sample, the percentage of living cells in the sample and the analysis of certain characteristics of cells such as size, shape and / or the presence of chemicals that indicate a certain biological process (biomarkers) within the cell.

  • Confocal microscopy service: Analysis of the samples using microscopes capable of obtaining three-dimensional images of cells (also images of living cells), which allows their characteristics to be analyzed in more detail. This service has experience in handling various tools to analyze the acquired images and thus complement the information obtained.

  • Fluorescence microscopy service: Technique that allows to acquire and analyze images of fixed and marked cells and of living cells by means of an ultraviolet light microscope, which allows knowing the distribution, quantity and / or location of a certain molecule within the cell, among other aspects.

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