Development of marketing campaigns, product design and branding through neuromarketing

Service aimed at the analysis of consumer preferences to apply in the marketing area


Neuromarketing involves the application of techniques pertaining to neuroscience, development and traditional and digital marketing research to better understand how decision making is made by the consumer.

This methodology allows to obtain cognitive and emotional information from individuals through brain imaging technology such as the EEG (electroencephalogram), eye tracking or the use of biosensors (heartbeat or conductivity). The main advantage that it offers over other methods is that it collects unconscious objective reactions that are difficult to capture using traditional instruments.

It is necessary to know that the shapes, proportions, degree of symmetry, color or lighting can improve the customer experience, increase or decrease appetite, reduce anxiety or improve mood. Knowing how the stimuli are perceived in a conscious or unconscious way can help to increase sales of companies.

Therefore, at the University there is a research group that has the necessary knowledge and equipment to perform psychophysiological measures (brain activity, heart rate, etc.) and evaluate the levels of attention, memory and emotion before experiences or products. Based on the results, the group offers its services for the creation of branding, product design, measurement of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, the ideal location of advertising, the analysis of consumer behavior at the point of sale, Evaluation of the engagement level generated by the web interaction.

This service is aimed at any company or institution interested in studying their clients to improve their experience with the company.


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