2009 Col.diesis. Transforming colours into sounds

A simple bracelet has been studied and developed. This bracelet is capable of transforming the color into sound: a sensor, located in the finger of a child, identifies the colors and returns them to the perception through musical notes.


The project means a trip through the world of people that can not see to understand their problems, psychology and emotions. It is an exploration of the infinite color wedge that they have never been able to see, or which they have lost the possibility to see. Learning the concept of synesthesia as a "liaison" between color and sound is the preliminary point of this project. This bracelet is capable of transforming the color into sound.


The product consists of a device for detection, identification and conversion of colors of a surface into sound, which allows collection of information about light and convert it into sound so that it maximizes the speed of information supply to the user, especially for people with vision problems, adapting to their ability to assimilate the sound information.


  • Virtual Reality Systems and Multimodal User Interfaces
  • Educational collaboration for users with special needs
  • Rehabilitation
  • Incorporating technology into existing products

Desired cooperation

The research group is interested in establishing a partnership with companies to

  • manufacture the bracelet that transforms colors into sounds
  • commercialize it on the market

Comments related to the state of development

COL.diesis is currently in its final stage.  Several prototypes have been developed for the realization of a representation of how the final device will work. In addition, tests and studies have been made to create a battery of melodies that express color psychology and have been tested with children of different ages with different needs.

In collaboration with:

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