Analysis of insularity costs for governments and companies

Service aimed at economic and legal advice to reduce the effects of insularity

The insularity supposes a barrier to the commerce and the mobility of the people and companies. Governments and companies must implement actions that contribute to reducing these disadvantages.

A research group from the University develops studies that analyze the economic effects of insularity, in order to identify, evaluate and internalize them in the decision-making process.

Among others, this service includes the possibility of preparing economic and fiscal measures aimed at promoting the development and competitiveness of the territory, the study of the viability of transport lines, the analysis of transport and logistics infrastructures and the evaluation of transport support programs for the transport of people and goods by air and sea.


A research group from the University of the Balearic Islands has prepared the report «The costs of insularity of the Balearic Islands: evaluation of current policies and proposals for the future». This is an analysis document that was commissioned by the Government of the Balearic Islands and focuses on analyzing the current reality of the Islands, with the objective of proposing measures and mechanisms that help to compensate for the costs of insularity and improve its competitiveness


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