Advice on Competition Law and Industrial and Intellectual Property Law

Legal advice in competition matters of companies and in Industrial and intellectual property law.

Competition law regulates trade by the prohibition of legal restrictions, or setting prices or monopolies to promote competition between companies and encourage an efficient market structure. The businessman is free to manifest his business practice, to access the market as entrepreneurs and compete in the same offering goods and services in the most convenient conditions for consumers. For this reason, the public authorities adopt measures so that entrepreneurs can not limit the competition to their own benefit. Thus, unfair competition is prohibited and the distinctive signs that businessmen use to identify themselves in the market are protected.

Industrial Property Law protects industry related creations (patents, utility models, designs and distinctive signs) and intellectual property is reserved for the protection of creations with the author's personality, not produced industrially , but are unique creations (literary works, art, sculptures, architectural designs, rules for games, computer programs ...)

A research group from the University offers its advice on Competition Law, such as issues related to unfair competition and defense of competition and the right to advertising, among others. In addition, in the field of industrial and intellectual property, the group offers advice and training in the different ways of protecting these inventions (patents, utility models, industrial design, protected geographical indications, origin designations, etc.).

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