Advice on company Law and Bankruptcy Law

Legal advice and drafting of opinions on company law and bankruptcy law, as in the constitution of companies and the bankruptcy.

Company law is the set of rules that regulate the figure of the social entrepreneur, that is, the company as a subject of rights and obligations in business traffic, instead of its partners. Related to this concept, we have the bankruptcy law, which is responsible for avoiding a situation of insolvency of a debtor with respect to creditors and thus provoke the bankruptcy of creditors. The different types of solution to such insolvency can avoid the contest are: the reorganization and the liquidation.

A research group in the area of ​​Law, offers advice on different subjects of company law, such as, among others:

  • Creation of spin-off and start-up
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business restructuring and statutory modifications
  • Merger, acquisition and dissolution of companies

In addition, it also offers services in the field of bankruptcy law, providing advice on possible situations of insolvency or bankruptcy of the company, bankruptcy arrangement (negotiation procedure between the debtor and its creditors to reach an agreement to refinance the debts and avoid, thus, the bankruptcy), bankruptcy mediation, etc.

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