Advice on prevention of occupational risks and collective agreements

A University research group with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of work, offers advice on prevention of occupational risks and in the negotiation and application of collective, statutory and extra-statutory agreements.


Collective agreements must be carried out with an appropriate legal and economic criteria. The exhaustive knowledge of negotiation strategies is a very necessary aspect to achieve future positive employment relationships and an increase of its productivity.

On the other hand, in Law 31/1995, of November 8th, on the Prevention of Occupational Risks, all work operators must be taken into account. The provisions developed by this Law have a multitude of legal concepts, which are subject to interpretation by Courts and Tribunals in the different matters assigned to them.

For all these reasons, a research group from the University offers its advice as well as the presence in the negotiation tables until reaching a satisfactory agreement for the parties and administrative authorization, in the case of collective agreements; and advice regarding the preparation and fulfillment of occupational risk prevention plans.

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