Advice on labor law and social security and issuance of legal resolutions and extrajudicial solutions for labor disputes

The University offers an advisory service in the field of work and social security: working time, salary system, termination of the contract, among others. In addition, legal verdicts and legal reports are made for lawyers in those issues that have special complexity.



A good drafting of the employment contract can solve the appearance of conflicts in the future between the employer and the worker. In this sense, the advice offered consists in the improvement of this writing.

Advice is also offered on social benefits, pensions, human resources, etc.

Extrajudicial procedures follow a specific process that is not always known. The advantages of this type of solutions are well known, although not so much their implementation. For this reason, a research group from the University, specialized in labor law, offers advice on extrajudicial solutions and issuance of labor opinions in the field of labor law.

Some of the most frequently asked questions about labor law are resolved in the following blog.

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