Advice on matters related to the Law of the sea and international and European environmental law

Resolution of queries, documentation and guidance of interest for the activity of public administrations, the Administration of Justice, NGOs and the business sector on matters related to maritime law and international and European environmental law.

The Law of the Sea studies the rights that a State has over the maritime space that corresponds to its territory. This branch should not be confused with maritime law, since it refers to legal norms that relate to States; while maritime law refers to rules that regulate the relationship between individuals. The Law of the sea is, therefore, a branch of international law regulated mainly by the United Nations Convention for the Law of the Sea, which deals with aspects such as: navigation rights, overflight, fishing, marine scientific research, discoveries miners on the seabed, protection of the marine environment, etc.

The University, thanks to its extensive knowledge in this matter, offers advice and consultations on legal aspects related to the Law of the Sea.

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