Advice and developing of reports on Human rights and international criminal law

The University offers, through its extensive knowledge in the field of human rights and international criminal law, an advisory service and reports on migration, human trafficking,  refugees, discrimination, gender violence or crimes with international significance, etc.


Human rights are also known as people's rights. They are all those faculties that suppose the express recognition of the freedom of the person. They include the rights that protect the person against the State and, also, the duties of the State towards the individual, without distinction or discrimination based on race, color, sex, language, religion, political opinion, nationality, economic position, etc.

Criminal law, as a generic concept, is that set of rules that sanction the infractions committed. It deals with the crime, the offender and the penalties, and provides for the different types of criminal behavior and the punishments of the people who commit them. Especially, international criminal law consists in determining what conduct violates a social interest of universal transcendence, whose protection demands that they be classified as crimes and apply the penalties imposed by EU States through actions, whether national, collective or cooperation. Therefore, it can be affirmed that international criminal law includes the crimes foreseen in the laws of each Member State with international transcendence.

From the University, a service of queries resolution, documentation and orientation of interest for the activity of the Public Administrations, NGOs, Administration of Justice, law, etc. is offered.

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