Advice and performance of legal reports and policy proposals related to the tourism sector and consultations on collaborative tourism

Service aimed at advising and reporting related to hiring in the tourism sector (contracts between companies, accommodation contracts, etc.), proposals for support regulations and consultations on collaborative tourism between individuals.

The University offers its advisory services and reports on consumer rights in the tourism sector, contracts between companies (booking contracts for tourist places, management contracts or franchises, etc.), accommodation contracts, transport contracts, private tourist accommodation contracts (from private to individual), etc. It is also included in the advice those issues related to the responsibility of companies that carry out activities in this sector when they affect the user.

The elaboration of normative proposals has the purpose of giving support and advice on aspects related to the tourism activity. This process includes from the first phase of the study of requirements to the elaboration of the proposal.

Through collaborative tourism, a private individual offers his services on the internet to other individual, who pays for it either directly or through an intermediary. The best-known examples of collaborative tourism are: Wimdu, BlaBla Caro, Airbnb ... They offer services at a much lower price than hotels, car rental companies, etc.

The service offered by the University is to consult and advise on online reputation (online qualification of the users of the services contracted); use of intermediary platforms in relation to legal aspects; private accommodations, etc. in contract, tax and labour law.

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