Analysis of the risk factors for work-related accidents in the building construction sector

Service aimed at the identification of occupational risks in the building construction sector and preventive measures proposals.


The research group offers its extended experience in the field of workplace health and safety (WHS). For a correct analysis of risk factors in the building construction sector, first of all, identify the different risk factors present in the activity, assess their importance to determine the level of damage that the workers can suffer and, finally, propose an effective preventive measures plan.



CONSRAT is an innovative tool for the risk assessment in construction industry. This sector has a peculiarity, since each workplace is unique and all have different characteristics. This tool captures these specialties to determine the degree of security. Taking into account organizational factors and general information (identification data, characteristics of the construction site, stage of work, etc.), risk factors of the site (general conditions of valuation, conditions such as the access, fall of height, collective protections, etc.) and, finally, auxiliary resources and existing machinery. Obtained the result, the tool classifies them into four levels, where 0 means total compliance with security and 3 means total security breach and, therefore, a high risk area.

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