Study of structural pathologies in buildings and public works

Service of the University directed to the study of the structural pathologies, as well as to the repair proposals to increase the buildings lifetime.


The singular buildings are those public buildings that entail a greater difficulty in the construction, either by their dimensions or by the structural typology (car parks, bridges, tunnels, heritage buildings, specially protected buildings, etc.). Regarding heritage or historical buildings, they involve more delicate rehabilitation actions, because they are influenced by transversal factors.

The research group offers its extensive experience in the study of structural pathologies such as deterioration or changes in the use of singular buildings. The pathological study is developed in three phases: diagnosis (analysis of the pathological process obtaining the injury: visible manifestation of a pathological process), cause (factor that causes the pathology) and topology of the lesion (what type of pathology is and which consequences has). The most common pathologies in buildings are dampness, cracks, landslides, oxidation, etc.

Second-opinion reports can also be made by the research group.



The University has collaborated in the study of pathologies and the preparation of a repair proposal for the bridge of the Via Cintura in Palma de Mallorca.


The University has collaborated in the analysis and calculation for the structural improvement of the building "Sa Fàbrica" ​​in Esporles, the old textile factory of Can Fortuny that, since 2010, is a Social and Cultural Center.

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