Consulting and advice on technologies based on cloud computing

Service aimed at consulting and advising on the cloud computing business model or storage in the cloud.

Increasingly, companies decide to outsource their computer systems and services departments, transferring this part of business to cloud-based or cloud computing systems, with access to the network from anywhere, with high availability and low cost. The cloud computing services are very broad, so each company can get a very different benefit depending on the service contracted.

Cloud Computing is a technological concept and a business model that provides storage, access and use of computer resources based on the network, where the concept of the channel is irrelevant. No matter where the information is hosted, as long as it can be accessed easily and from anywhere.

The University offers a consultancy service to cover the needs of each company and avoid problems such as the security of data stored in the cloud, the lock-in of providers (standard that makes it difficult for the client to go or use another provider of cloud computing or proceed to the portability of the data hosted), etc.

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