Specialized analysis on audiovisual products

Study of trends in television fiction and video games

The revolution of new technologies has had an impact on society and the economy and has generated new business models and industries. Audio-visual entertainment such as television series or video games are becoming relevant for economic growth.

At the University there is a research group expert in audiovisual products that focus their activity on the study of the future audiovisual entertainment trends, the evolution of a specific industry or the behaviour, consumption and habits of users. In short, from the collection of data and information, the group identifies new models of consumption and how they influence us.

This allows video game companies, producers or other entities to determine why their products are consumed, why they have been successful or not, or what their potential customers are. In this way, they can obtain a complete study of the industry and carry out improvement actions for their products and increase sales.

La nostra experiència

The research group from the UIB has developed the project "The Role of Television Fiction in the 21st Century Identity Construction Processes", which has had as its main objective the study of fiction television series in North America on the period-11S like Orange is the New Black (2013), House of Cards (2013), Person of Interest (2011-2016) or Girls (2012).

The project has focused on studying the relationships between North American television productions of the post-11S era and the social changes in the last decade.

As a result of this study, six joint books, twelve articles in impact journals, four book chapters in publishers indexed to the Scholarly Publishers Indicators (SPI) have been published and sixteen papers have been presented at international scientific meetings.

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation was commissioned through the Office of the High Commissioner for the Spain Brand a state of the art audiovisual (film and television) to be incorporated into the publications that are being made. The contribution of the group is included in the topic of Cultural Diplomacy as Marca Espanya.

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