Advice on the optimization of the use of computer resources

Personalized consulting to obtain the maximum performance of the company resources.


A research group of the Physics Department offers a personalized counselling service aimed at making the most of the resources available to the company: aspects related to the improvement of memory use, reduction of calculation time, etc. To do this, both the computer system and the company software are analysed in order to detect any anomalies that result in poor performance and scalability, and the most suitable improvement measures are suggested.

In computer science, optimization is understood as a process through which both performance and efficiency of a computer system are improved. A non-optimized system supposes, therefore, a waste of primordial time and resources for the professional activity. Thanks to the optimization and the scalability, the computer resources can adapt and react to company growth and changes without losing the quality of the services it offers.

The advantages that can be gained from the optimization of resources and the scalability of the computer system are many ones: cost reduction, productivity increase as a result of reducing computer breakdowns impact, customer service improvement, etc.



The research group has a modelling and numerical simulation platform with multiple fields of application: modelling of biological, physical and/or engineering systems, modelling of dynamic relationships between agents (economic, tourism, ecosystems, etc.) and others. They can offer a complete service that goes from the design of customized models, to the generation of numerical codes that can be executed in any infrastructure (from desktop PCs to computer clusters, or even supercomputers), and they can also be commissioned/in charged to do the simulations and provide the results in a suitable format for analysis.

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