Process for the improvement of the photographic and video image quality

Service aimed at improving the quality of the photographic and video image (improvement of resolution, colour, etc.).

A research group in the Mathematics area from ​​the UIB offers its service to improve photographic images and videos through different methods.

The RETINEX theory is aimed at explaining the human perception of colour. This is a very complex theory that has allowed us to derive some efficient algorithms for the improvement of the local image contrast. The most successful derivation has been the Multi-Scale Retinex which has made possible, among other features, to see in the shadows of the image. Other models, such as Poisson Image Editing or a new nucleus, can also be used, based on an acceptable compromise between invariant and scale integrability. 

In addition to colour enhancement and resolution, a methodology has been developed to characterize the noise of a deteriorated digital image and use this information to restore it. The results of the restoration are visually satisfactory, since practically all the noise is eliminated and, at the same time, the small details and textures of the original image are preserved.

The group has extensive experience in image enhancement processes and has participated in national and European projects with the collaboration of France CNES (National Center for Space Studies). In addition, they have a patent on a method to correct geometric disparities of 3D images, especially satellite images.


In the pictures above, different models have been applied to improve their quality.

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