Realization of tests and studies on the thermal analysis of metallic materials with shape memory

Studies based on thermal tests carried out on metallic materials with shape memory (or Shape Memory Alloys-SMA).


Calorimetry means "heat measurement". The heat is part of phase changes (melting of the gel, boiling water, etc.). When a material is subjected to heat, its properties and microstructures change.

A research group in the materials technology area of ​​the University offers tests and studies on the thermal analysis and phase transformations of metallic materials with shape memory. Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) are intelligent materials that react under physical or chemical changes, variations of magnetic or electrical fields, and that when return to the initial conditions they recover their original shape, able to repeat this process on numerous occasions without deteriorating. Thanks to the thermal treatment, it is intended to know how much heat is necessary to apply on the material so that it has the required properties.

This service can be applied to industrial pieces made with this type of material although, mainly, it can be interesting in the area of ​​biomedicine:

  • Dental floss
  • Surgical material
  • STENS: springy-shaped device used to correct the narrowing of the heart coronary arteries and other arteries and veins

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