2017 Facetomood: technology for mood recognition.

Facetomood contains a method capable of recognizing a person's mood by video-analyzing their movements and facial expressions.



The technology, available as a library for Android devices, is able to identify the mood of people by analyzing expressions and facial movements captured by the mobile divece's camera.

The method used focuses on recognizing moods at different scales, form the detection of good or bad mood, to states of euphoria, anxiety, boredom, hostility and relaxation.

The analysis provided by this technology is completely customized and is based on learning the movements and facial expressions of the subjects from the storage and processing of the captured images. This allows it to dynamically evaluate, the contribution of the facial microespressions (lowering eyebrows, raising eyelids, scratching your lips, etc.) to the mood.

Practical application

Facetomood can be useful for companies want to offer product strategies based on customer experience (marketing companies, for example), companies offer solutions for the online education sector (online methodology courses) and/or for companies in the video game industry that wish to adapt certain features of gaming, such as the ease with which it can play or the implementation of the rules depending on the mood experienced by the user.

Main advantages and innovations

  • Existing methods identify emotions, but not moods. Although both concepts are related (a person who has a certain mood is prone to experience certain emotions), moods are not directly externalised and have a longer temporal duration, unlike emotions.
  • The recognition method developed is precise and adaptable, which offers an accuracy of the person to minimize detection errors.
  • Facetomood is based on video sequences that allow a person's mood to be dynamically evaluated in real time.

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