2015 Concentrator based on CAN networks for the performance of high reliability tests in distributed control systems

Topologies in star to achieve a high capacity of monitoring, containment and injection of errors, diagnosis of faults and tolerance in embedded embedded systems based on CAN (Controller Area Network).

The CAN communication protocol (Controller Area Network) is a protocol widely used in most vehicles and, in addition, its use is widespread in other areas: networks for industrial automation, robots, household appliances, etc. This type of protocol and, therefore, this type of network provides robustness and good performance in real time at very low cost.

However, said CAN communication networks present several problems that are caused by the fact that it uses a bus type topology; that is, a single physical line of communication to which each and every one of the nodes are connected.


The developed procedure allows the implementation of CAN devices or networks with the following capabilities: discerning the contribution that each node transmits and / or receives with a high temporal resolution (bit by bit); Inject independently and with a high temporal resolution errors in the signal that each node transmits and / or receives; diagnose failures in the contribution of each node and tolerate failures in the communications channel or in the interfaces of the nodes with the channel.

These characteristics are essential in critical distributed control systems based on CAN that require a high guarantee of operation.

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