2013 Switch with modifiable resistance

A new technology developed by researchers of University, with which is possible an adjustment system together with existent digital detection techniques make up a cutting edge mixed-signal calibration system, as an alternative to conventional all-digital calibration ones


Manufacturing process variations alter the electrical characteristics of any integrated circuit. Because of that, new systems tolerant to these variations are topics of active research. Specifically, those focused on time-interleaved analog-to-digital converters (TI ADCs), where bandwidth mismatch between parallel input sampling switches reduces their maximum attainable linearity.


A new analog input bandwidth adjustment system is launched here. This system can be used to equalize the input bandwidth of each parallel input sampling switch of TI ADCs.

Main advantages

  • Cutting edge mixed-signal calibration system: digital detection and analog correction hardware
  • Such system fully exploits the robustness of a digital detection
  • Simplicity of the proposed analog correction hardware
  • Simpler implementation than conventional digital correction systems, that is, less die area and power consumption requirements

Desired cooperation

Commercial opportunity for the electronics sector.

The proposed calibration system for TI ADCs could be interesting for companies in the electronics sector, and specially for those focused on the design and implementation of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits willing to commercially develop this system in exchange for patent licensing and technical cooperation.

Actual state

The input bandwidth adjustment system has been validated by transistor-level electrical simulations in advanced CMOS technologies. Further developments will focus on the manufacturing of a practical demonstrator.

The proposed system is protected by a nationwide patent application and is available for licensing.

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