Erosion risk assessment and modelling

Detailed analysis of a specific area that allows the estimation of erosion in the area and establish erosion states

Recognition of erosion problems through the application of parametric models that allow detailed quantitative and cartographic information about erosion rates in drainage basins to agricultural parcels. The research group contains a data base of experimentation in field of erosion processes that allows to calibrate erosion models that are applied.

Studies can be very useful for public administrations, natural and / or private risk managers who may suffer or have suffered environmental problems derived from the risk of erosion: farmers or owners of buildings in risk areas.


The research group has collaborated with the Consell de Mallorca in a study for the revision of the areas of risk prevention of erosion within the Insular Territorial Plan of Mallorca. The group has also collaborated with the Environment Ministry of the Balearic Islands Autonomous Government to study soil processes and erosion quantification in a catchment affected by a wildfire.

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