Inundation studies and hydrological modeling

Detailed flood risk assessment from catchment scale to urban plot scale

These studies allow the recognition of the flood risk in urban plots and infrastructures. The series of hydrometric data that the research group has compiled from its own monitoring network, as well as the use of geographic information technologies, confers a high reliability to carry out confident and reliable hydrological and geomorphological studies.

These reports can be very useful for public administrations, and / or private managers that may suffer or have suffered river flooding.


The research group has collaborated with the City Council of Ferreries to carry out a hydrological and hydraulic study for new urbanizable sectors of Ferreries. The group has also carried out technical reports on calibration of the discharge rating curve and analysis of results in experimental gauging stations for the Environment Ministry of the Balearic Islands Autonomous Government and, amongst others, studies of flooding at urban plots for private individuals.

The group is part of the European project TRIBUTE - TRIgger Buffers zones for inundaTion Events, which aims to help the authorities, in case of floods, to know when to start an evacuation of the area and how much time have to do it. The TRIBUTE tool will be delivered as a web service and as a mobile application, it will contain the current risk estimates with data from satellites and information on the vulnerability and the capacity to confront the situation.


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