Advice on the forecast and impact of meteotsunamis in Ciutadella and other ports of the Balearic Islands

A research group from UIB has a leading experience in Meteotsunamis, that is, in high-frequency sea level oscillations in ports, coves or bays caused by meteorological phenomena.

Such oscillations, observed in Ciutadella and other inlets and bays of the Balearic Islands, are locally known as ‘rissagues', and historically they have caused significant damage to port infrastructures and moored boats. Singular episodes of very-large amplitude happen every 5-10 years, while smaller amplitude episodes happen every year.

The research group from UIB has explained the physical processes that cause meteotsunamis, from the underlying atmospheric conditions to the influence of the cove or port location and geometry on the amplitude of the oscillations. The research group has also acquired high-resolution time series (of both, atmospheric and marine parameters) during the last 35 years. Therefore, it has the capacity to supply:

  • Advice on meteotsunamis prediction.
  • Advice on the impact of the phenomenon when delimiting the coastal public domain.
  • Advice on the effects that any action (e.g. changes in the shape or depth) on a port or cove may have on the intensity of the phenomenon.

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