Advice on the study of the city. Social-urban analysis and urban planning

Study of the urban spaces in all their dimensions (social, demographic, morphological, tourist, governance, urban planning and planning ...) and scales (metropolitan, urban, intra-urban, neighborhoods ...).

A research group from the UIB analyzes socio-urban processes and transformations of the city as a result of economic, social, environmental and planning variables. Although they focus on Spanish cities, they have experience in research in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. The lines of research are numerous, but the latest research focuses on the study of housing and the real estate market, evictions, tourism and everyday life spaces. Although work is is carried out on the entire city, the tourist areas, historic centers and neighborhoods of the periphery stand out among the study spaces.

In the research, the group combines the use of quantitative and qualitative methodologies with the aim of explaining and analyzing urban processes of different nature that affect our cities. The use of cartography, as an expression and result of these dynamics, is fundamental.

In this sense, the UIB offers advisory services in urban planning, fundamental for decision making, aimed at Public Administrations or institutions and organizations that work on urban spaces and their management.


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