Laboratory scale synthesis of porous solids and evaluation of its applicability for the extraction of environmental pollutants

Preparation and realization of structural, morphological and textural studies (porosity), as well as surface properties, of different solid materials

Preparation of materials, mainly porous solids such as zeolites, simple and mixed oxides, mesoporous silicas and metal-organic frameworks (MOF). Thanks to its high specific surface and high porosity, as well as to the great variety regarding chemical composition and porous texture, these materials have become great interest compounds with applicability in very different fields, such as adsorption and separation of gases, in catalysis, as chemical sensors, for the environmental pollutants extraction or for the drugs controlled release, among others.

The Chemistry laboratory of the UIB also has the necessary scientific and technical equipment to carry out structural, morphological and textural studies (specific surface and porosity) of this and other types of solids, as well as their surface properties.

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