Advice on the integration of renewable energies and buildings with zero emissions

Consultancy and energy simulations of the construction systems in the field of integration of renewable energies and zero-emission buildings.


NET ZEB buildings (NET Zero Energy Buildings) or buildings with zero emissions are those whose energy comes from the building itself using renewable energy sources. They are designed to contribute to the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions with the minimum cost, both economic and environmental.

A research group from the UIB offers technical advice on the integration of renewable energies in buildings, doing energy simulations of the systems, simulations of solar and photovoltaic systems and optimization of systems with several renewable energy sources.


A collaboration agreement has been signed for the improvement of an indoor air conditioning system that avoids condensation. Within the framework of this agreement, the research group of the UIB is committed to monitor the results of cooling and heating by monitoring the developed system and the professional and scientific measurement of the data obtained.

The Mediterranean Pyrenees Network for the efficient use of geothermal energy is a project that aims to create an information and training network to promote geothermal energy in the Mediterranean Pyrenees region, announcing the experience of low temperature geothermal energy in Barcelona through the European research project of the Seventh Framework Program (Ground-Med), training technicians and construction professionals to know the use of low temperature geothermal energy and informing and training the general public in the evaluation of the use of this technology, all to achieve the energy goals of the European Union 2020.

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