Sensorization of open areas and homes to determine the degree of contamination

Installation of sensors in the environment in order to monitor it and study the degree of acoustic or electromagnetic pollution.

A multidisciplinary research group of the University offers an assessment and prototyping of electronic systems based on automated sensors. These sensor systems can be installed in any area around the country to study the levels of thermal, acoustic, environmental pollution, etc.

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The research group collaborates in the Life Reusing Posidonia project, in charge of monitoring the temperature in strategic points of newly built homes in Formentera for the characterization of the use of posidonia as a thermal insulating material.

Due to social concern for the environment, the Palma Port Authority has commissioned the service to monitor air quality by measuring existing pollutant emissions and acoustic levels in order to study proposals that contribute to improving the quality of life of users of the Port of Palma and thus obtain the ISO 14001 certificate.

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