Process for the reconstruction of the relief of the images

A service is offered aimed at the reconstruction of the relief of satellite images, medical, robotic vision or electronic microscopy.

A research group from the UIB has been collaborating in numerous research projects in the field of satellite images with CNES in France (National Centre for Special Studies) since 2007. In one of its projects, has also collaborated with the French Research Centre for Applied Maths (CMLA), worked with the fusion of panchromatic data (high resolution black and white image) and chromatic (low resolution colour image) acquired by the Pleiades satellite to reconstruct a full-colour high-quality image. This satellite is capable to supply very high resolution images in a very short time, offering total coverage of the surface of the Earth.

Improvements are also made in medical images, such as magnetic resonances imaging. These images often have a lot of noise, so it is necessary to apply filtering methods to improve the quality of this. Current interpolation techniques are not able to retrieve the high frequency information from the data obtained, so the research group offers a new method of reconstruction to recover part of this information. This methodology has been applied to real clinical cases, showing a great improvement regarding to traditional methods.

This research project resulted in a patent on a new method to correct geometric disparities of 3D images.


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