Assessing the Planning and Re-building of coastal infrastructures - ports, dams and coastal zone delimitations

A research group from UIB has experience in the analysis of the changes observed in the physical marine environment during the last decades as well as in obtaining regional marine climate projections for the future.

Sea level rise and changes in the wave regime due to climate change make that these parameters can no longer be considered as constant. When planning or re-building coastal infrastructures, as well as when delimiting the public domain coastal zone, it is necessary to take into account how these parameters will evolve in the future.

This research group has the capacity to supply:

  • Time series showing the evolution of sea level and waves during the last decades in southern European seas (e.g. in those that surround the Iberian peninsula and the Balearic and Canary Islands).
  • Projections of the evolution of these parameters along the 21st century under different scenarios of greenhouse gases emissions.
  • Advice on climate change impacts on coastal infrastructures and on coastal flooding levels (requested e.g. for the delimitation of the coastal public domain).


At the request of AEMET (the Spanish Met Office) and the Spanish Holding of Harbours the team has generated a set of marine climatic scenarios for all the Spanish coasts. At present they continue collaborating effectively with both institutions in the study of climate change impacts on harbour infrastructures.


In collaboration with:

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