Studies of atmospheric pollution and dispersion of pollutants in real time

Carry out studies to analyze and know the atmospheric pollution and determine the possible risks that can cause damage to people. An expert report is carried out to quantify the damage caused by meteorological phenomena.

The University has extensive experience in the analysis, scope and effects of air pollution. Therefore, it offers a service aimed at conducting studies in order to determine the presence of air pollutants that can be a risk, damage or serious inconvenience to people or property such as sulphur or nitrogen oxides, as well as the simulation of its dispersion in real time.

These studies are a support for the definition and implementation of contingency plans against episodes of air pollution that affect air quality. An example would be in case of emergence of air pollution, where it is convenient to know what risk exerts on people and how the situation could evolve in hours and days.

Some meteorological phenomena such as rains, storms, floods, cold and heat waves, etc. They produce damage on material goods and / or people. Based on the observed data of these phenomena -from meteorological stations, satellites or radars, among others- and a theoretical study of those, an expert report will be carried out to determine the scope of the impact.

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