Analyze the patient's safety to prevent and act in social-health contexts

Reduce and avoid the risks assumed by patients and professionals at the time they receive or give health care


When you go to a health center or participate in a health program, you can take risks (derived from the same health environment, lack of communication between professionals, lack of information and other incidents).

Patient safety means the reduction of these unnecessary risks associated with health care. It refers to the set of structural elements, processes, instruments and methodologies that seek to minimize the risk and maximize the probability of locating it when it occurs, react appropriately and mitigate its consequences.

For this reason, at the University there are professionals who work to know and analyze the risks assumed by the patients and how professionals must cope with it, reduce and prevent adverse events in medical care. Its main lines of action are focused on:

  • Inform professionals about good practices in patient safety
  • Advise on patient safety, both citizens and health professionals
  • Collaborate in the prevention of adverse events that negatively affect the patient
  • Improve coordination and communication between health and non-health personnel.

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