Innovative strategies and methodologies to improve the skills of health professionals

Interprofessional education in the field of health sciences and design and development of service-learning projects


At the University there is an expert team in applying innovative methodologies to improve the skills of health professionals. Among other educational methodologies applied to the field of health, they focus on interprofessional education and service-learning.

Interprofessional education is a process that aims to promote collaborative practice in the professional world, a key aspect in social-health care. This method provides training in competences related to teamwork, assertive communication and others that allow learning with, from and over each of the professionals involved to improve the quality of care.

There are several teaching methods for students and professionals in the branches of health. These methods include service-learning, which is a pedagogical strategy that combines learning and community service processes in a single project in which participants learn content, skills, values ​​and work on the real needs of the environment, with the aim of improving it. It is an innovative proposal applicable to all degrees and at all levels of training.

The research group is expert in these methods that can be applied to different contexts in order to improve the different generic and specific competences. The group can carry out workshops, design of pedagogical projects, assessments and diagnoses of training needs.

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