Study and development of mathematical techniques for decision making

Development of tools based on mathematical algorithms to support professionals in decision making in different fields of application.

A research group at the University Department of Mathematics offers a service for the study and development of comparison techniques for decision making in different fields of application such as health, engineering and robotics performing genetic comparisons, of images, etc.

Our experience


Biomedical applications have aroused great interest in the development of new techniques for fuzzy diagnosis (diagnosis that is emitted from inaccurate or uncertain information). Currently, the research group collaborates with a public hospital in the development of a tool based on mathematical algorithms whose objective is to improve the degree of accuracy in the diagnosis of the presence of diseases, such as Alzheimer's or dementia , through a tool to support the health specialist in decision making.

Collaboration with a research group in the area of ​​robotics in the development of a tool that allows robots in any field to make decisions faster and also facilitates multi-robot interaction (between robots).


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