Evaluation, advisory and intervention protocol for infants and young children

Evaluation and detection of behavioural problems in childhood and adolescence.

Behavioural problems in early childhood and adolescence are characterized by difficulties in assuming norms, impulsiveness and / or challenge to the authority figures. When this inadequate behaviour extends over time it can lead to problems of psychological development and negatively affect the adaptation of children / adolescents to the school, family or social environment. The application of protocols for intervention and early detection is essential, since with age, problems are aggravated and can lead to other related disorders (behavioural problems, learning disorder, etc.).

This service includes:

  • Carrying out tests to assess behavioural problems and related disorders.
  • Orientation to parents and schools with children with behavioural problems.
  • Carrying out counselling and training courses for educators, APIMA, professionals and parents with children with behavioural problems.
  • Collaboration with centres, clinical units (public and private) and agencies that work with children who may need assessments of behaviour problems and related disorders.

In collaboration with:

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