Human movement capture system for athletes and disabled people

Development of a computer system capable of capturing the movement of athletes and / or people with disabilities and generating real videos that allows them to study with great precision their movements and gestures.

The capture of the human movement is made using four color cameras synchronized to each other and connected to two computers through a network. Athletes and / or disabled people make the gestures in the capture area with a homogeneous background. Once they have finished, computers store the information captured by the cameras to process it later. Once the capture has been made, studies and analysis of the movements can be carried out in order to improve them.

We also discover the weaknesses to build prostheses that help the disabled person to perform movements that he is otherwise unable to perform correctly. This capture is the basis for studying: mass centers, forces, anthropometric measures, etc. When the capture process is over, the movements are reconstructed by creating a synthetic video.

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