Methodological and statistical advice applied to Psychology and Health Sciences

Methodological advice in the design of research projects, statistical analysis of the data obtained and interpretation of the results.

The statistics allow us to describe, analyse and obtain connections in a data set by applying numerical methods and graphics. At present the possibilities and the fields of application in investigation are very diverse: Biology, Medicine, Psychology, Economy, etc.

This service includes:

  • Methodological support (design of experimental and non-experimental research, sample size, survey creation ...)
  • Statistical data processing (statistical modelling, advanced statistical techniques ...)
  • Processing of large databases (data mining or Data Mining, mass data or Big Data ...)
  • Statistical software (R, SPSS, WEKA ...)


A research group from the UIB, in collaboration with the association Las Ovejas de Mica, have done a study on the consumption of alcohol and other addictive substances in adolescence.


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