Filiation tests and animal species genetic identification

Carrying out filiation studies and identification of commercial and / or environmental importance species as autochthonous races or in danger of extinction.

Filiation tests allow to determine if there is a kinship between two individuals from a biological sample (blood, feathers ...). In the species conservation and protection fields, paternity studies are requested to verify the credibility of animal breeds and thus help avoid fraud. In addition, it allows to verify if wild animals illegally captured are distributed as animals born in captivity.

On the other hand, DNA tests are an effective tool to identify species with very similar morphological features and to determine species sex of the ones that do not present sexual dimorphism.

The UIB Forensic Genetics Laboratory has the necessary equipment to design filiation tests for any animal species of commercial and / or environmental interest.


The UIB in collaboration with the Balearic Islands Oceanographic Centre of the IEO has carried out the genetic identification of different species of sharks, rays and chimaeras present in the western Mediterranean. This agreement is part of the MEDITS research campaign that aims to assess the ecosystems and living resources exploited by trawling, as well as the impact of this fishing activity on the marine environment.


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