2016 An innovative composition for the modulation of the inflammatory processes in joint and infectious diseases, such as arthritis and acne

Composition of a new ointment with anti-inflammatory properties comprising, as an active ingredient, a 5-dodecanolide.

Existing pharmaceutical products to date reduce pain and stiffness, but do not cure or modify the inflammatory disorder. University researchers have developed a new composition that cures the inflammation with a low concentration of the active ingredient. This compound may be administered through different routes, but the topical administration is in the form of cream.


The invention comprises the pharmaceutical composition and also the process for obtaining the active substance of the composition, based on 5-dodecanolide that has been isolated from lard.

It is known that pork fat has been used in the preparation of compositions with anti-inflammatory activities, but it is unknown which specific compounds of pork fat exerts this effect.

Main advantages

  • Compounds generated physiologically in the human body
  • A more effective modulation of the inflammatory process
  • Potential reduction of side effects associated with synthetic products


  • The concentrations required for the antiinflammatory action are low
  • High anti-inflammatory power 
  • Obtaining the compounds from a low cost raw material 

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