2012 Kit for determining Inositol phosphate

A new technology developed by researchers of the University. This technology determines a new method and a kit to analyse Inositos phospates (IPs). The process and Kit for IPs determination are protected by a patent and are available for license.

Quick and quantitative kit for the photometric determination of Inositol Phosphate in biologic samples, like urine. The method is very sensible and allows prcise determinations in a range from 0,1 to 5µM.


Greater knowledge of the diseases that affect the human body, their implications and development of therapies have led to an strong activity that has pushed the biotech industry to a significant growth. Both for R & D + i as in the diagnosis and monitoring of treatment it is necessary to use state indicators of biological elements, biomarkers.

Sometimes the analysis of these biomarkers is a complex and costly process of moving the clinical practice. Thus the development of simple, affordable and reliable procedures is a necessity.

Main advantages

With a world prevalence of 4 to 17 cases each 1000 habitants and increasing, the development of a procedure to determine the biomarker Inositol Phosphate (IP) as a tool is a great improvement to diagnosis of renal lithiasis in the clinical practice.

The patented method and determination kit for IP in biological samples, as urine, is:

  • Quantitaive: sensitive and accurate in the range of 0,1 to 5µM.
  • Quick: 30 samples from each kit, results are available in 3 hours.
  • Easy: performed with easy to find laboratory equipment, measueres by means photometry.

Desired cooperation

For companies specialized in tools for solutions in clinical diagnostics. We offer the possibility of enter the market of renal lithiasis with our kit for the determination of IP in urine and other biological samples. The technology is available for licensing.

Actual state

This method for determining the IPs is completely developed, and some results in terms of interference studies or optimization of purification, preconcentration and recovery, are available.

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