Dissemination of manuscripts produced in the Balearic Islands

Give visibility to the texts of Catalan authors and contribute to the promotion of culture

The printing press was a revolutionary invention that allowed manuscripts to be reproduced more quickly, reducing costs and facilitating its dissemination. However, this invention meant that cultures with minority languages ​​had limited access and, therefore, manuscripts in these languages ​​did not propagate with this new reproduction system and remain forgotten by society. The Balearic Islands, together with the rest of Catalan-speaking territories, are one of these cases. This meant that production written in Catalan decreased qualitatively and entered into a decline period.

At the University there is a research group whose main objective is to give visibility to the production of written Catalan manuscripts that were cornered. That is why the group is in charge of developing an inventory and describing and editing the unpublished manuscripts of the time, in order to preserve Catalan culture.



The University of the Balearic Islands, in collaboration with the University of Barcelona, ​​has begun the publication of the Repertory of Catalan manuscripts, divided into six volumes. An initiative that aims to create a catalog of manuscripts produced in the Catalan-speaking territory during the centuries of the first modern age (1470-1620).

The material included there comes from different fields in the history of Catalan culture: science, law, education, spirituality, philosophy, theology, etc.

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