2015 EQR platform to improve the care of people in emergency situations

System that allows emergency services and security access to confidential personal information in certain risky situations, using mobile devices. 

Datos sensibles

The platform developed proposes the use of mobile devices equipped with camera for emergency professionals to access sensitive and private information previously encrypted by the users, in a situation of risk or uncertainty for them.


The system that has been developed has a codifying platform (the user creates a EQR image with public and private information), a management reader platform for protected data in two-dimensional codes (for professionals who need to access just in case of an emergency) and a method for protecting sensitive data in two-dimensional images.

The present invention is an important aid in emergency situations where it is not possible to contact or interact with the user, either because the person is unconscious, or due to language difficulties, and access to important information is necessary due to a life treatening emergency, for example. 


The management platform allows to each organization control the members who can access and read the encrypted information, so that each agent will have its identifier code and therefore the access to data can be controlled. In addition, this identifier code has a validity period and once expired, can not be used any more.


The field of application is currently being tested in the tourism sector. In particular, a pilot project is being developed together with the Balearic Islands Port Authority and the Palma Local Police Department for the development of a platform to improve emergency care for cruise ship tourists who voluntarily want to access this service.

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