2012 InfoSHARE System that provides access to local information through mobile devices

With the implementation of the system InfoSHARE in a building a conditional access to local information stored is provided to users who have the mobile application installed and are connected to the network .

InfoSHARE system can provide local information, whether stored or obtained in real time through the connection with other systems, to those devices that are within its coverage area and can work both idependently or in a collaborative way, forming a interactive network.

InfoSHARE can be used as an emergency information system, offering plans, available services, fire hydrants connection, occupation of space, etc. within a building, functioning as a black box. It can also be used as an information system in natural parks or other spaces with relevant information for visitors, functioning as information points or tourist information points even in open areas or buildings without internet coverage.


The InfoSHARE system includes an electronic device that, working alone or in collaboration with other devices, is able to maintain channels of communication both with its environment and with users, provide this information to users on request (by accessing service), remain operational in adverse circumstances, adapt to existing infrastructure and provide service to any open access platform.

In this system three possible services linked to three possible access levels are defined:

  • Public access, aimed at facilitating access to users without registration to public information in any format-text, audio, image, video, etc., to be downloaded for viewing on portable user devices.
  • Restricted access, unique user oriented to users such as public safety professionals, emergency services or authorized by the owner agency INFOSHARE system users. The connected user will have access to the information system, both public and restricted information.
  • Private access or management, for users who manage the InfoSHARE system.


  • It allows the conditional availability of relevant and useful information, offering it only to those users who request it and are situated in the connection area of the system.
  • Maintains communication channels with the environment through a connection to a network of external sensors, allowing users to have real-time data on its status: monitoring the occupation of offices, interaction with infrastructures of air conditioning, lighting, emergency systems, etc.


  • System that provides information automatically to the devices within its coverage area, with the ability to work both in independently and in a collaborative manner, forming an interactive network.
  • It allows you to define up to three different levels of access to information stored in the system.
  • InfoSHARE can be very useful for emergencies, functioning as a black box at buildings as well as for the creation of tourist information points in open areas and monuments.

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