Strategies for the Development of Inclusive Schools and Classroom

Guiding and supporting education professionals who want to move towards inclusive education.

Inclusive education is an ongoing process that wants to respond to the diversity and the needs of all students based on participation in learning, community and culture to reduce exclusion within and outside the education system. It aims to eliminate those barriers that limit the presence, learning and participation of all students during their schooling, paying special attention to those who are most vulnerable.

Therefore, all students must always be and must learn and evolve thanks to their participation in all the activities, experiences and situations that develop in the classroom and in the center. 

In short, the objective of inclusive education is based on the fact that every educational community (teachers, students, parents, etc.) must be comfortable in diversity and should be understood as an opportunity to enrich teaching and Learning. In this way, inclusion involves adapting the system to students and not students to the system.

The University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) provides support to educational schools and education-related sectors, which are interested in making changes to the educational model and providing quality education for all and without any discrimination from inclusive education. It intends to make the most of the resources to support this process.

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