Advice on the planning and implementation of equality policies

Support service in the preparation and application of equality plans and other gender equality measures.

An equality plan is a set of measures that has been adopted after having carried out a situation diagnosis and that is aimed at achieving equal treatment and opportunities between men and women in the operation and daily management of organizations. This instrument provides multiple benefits to companies and entities and is related to a good knowledge of the organization, the optimization of resources and an improvement in productivity and business competitiveness. It aims to:

  • Eliminate imbalances in the access and participation of women and men in the organization.

  • Ensure that human resource management processes (selection, professional classification, promotion and training, remuneration) respect the principle of equal treatment and opportunities.

  • Encourage, in terms of equality between women and men, work, personal and family conciliation.

  • Prevent sexual harassment and gender-based harassment.

    The University has a research group that focuses on informing and advising on the implementation of equality policies. Among these measures, the accompaniment of organizations in the design and application of equality plans stands out.

This service is aimed at all those public and private companies, organizations, economic and social agents or public administrations interested in incorporating their own equality plans or other measures to promote equality.

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