Design of audiovisual materials, planning and organization of social and educational exhibitions

Service aimed at the development of audiovisual material for educational and informative purposes


The University has several research groups specialized in the design of audiovisual material (documentaries, short films, guides, exhibitions, etc.) of informative and educational nature. The objective is the awareness and sensitization of certain current problems in the society. Likewise, they aim to promote culture and knowledge, contributing to their conservation and preservation. The main areas in which they focus are:

  • Awareness and sensitization of current problems in school (bullying, cyberbullying, drug use, etc.)
  • The history of social and school education
  • The history of photography, mass media, graphic work, prints and print books illustrated and preserved in the Balearic Islands.



A study found that about 14% of teens in ESO have been intimidated by internet, through the instant messaging system, chat or social networks.

Based on the results, a guide on cyberbullying was designed for educators and families with the aim of raising awareness of its danger and repercussions. In addition to providing information and resources that can help prevent it and, if necessary, intervene effectively.


The School of Practices. 175 years of history

This exhibition is a historical development through 175 years of the Palma School of Practice. From its beginnings to the disappearance of normal schools, the School of Practice has lived a long history, always linked to the training of teaching, methodological innovation and pedagogical renewal.


Scout: one hundred years of a young educational project (1907-2007)

Scout was created by the British military Sir Robert Baden-Powell and his wife Lady Olave. His ideas coincided with those of other educators who proposed a change in school educational models and defended the importance of activity, work in small groups, the formation of personality, individualized attention and personal progress.

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