Management of photographic, audiovisual and documentary heritage

Service aimed at the conservation and preservation of audiovisual materials


At the University there is a team specialized in management of photographic, audiovisual and documentary heritage. They aim to be a tool for the management and coordination of strategies and projects that provide relevant contributions in their framework of action and, thus, ensure the knowledge, preservation and appreciation of this heritage. The services offered are:

  • Preparation of technical reports on photographic, audiovisual and documentary heritage (photographic background, film libraries, etc.). They make an analysis to know the state of the fund and from there to be able to elaborate a proposal to conserve it.
  • Preparation of proposals on the creation of photographic libraries and image archives; background in images: conservation, cataloguing, diffusion, media background: photography, cinema and poster.
  • Proposals for systematization, conservation and dissemination.

In collaboration with:

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